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February 9th, 2010 12:49 pm
Health Care Summit: Obama Mistakes Congressional Republicans for People
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It is now clear to all but the mentally challenged (you won’t read no retard talk here), that President Obama’s plan for a televised health care summit has zero to do with listening to Republican ideas, but everything to do with trotting out the snake oil bill yet again to demonstrate to five-and-a-half liberals who care deeply that the vast Republican minority is obstructionist.

Based on enough polling numbers to make up the deficit, it is also clear that Americans who vote (not those who are voted for or increasingly against) would like to send that bill on the last American flight to space.

Given a White House that has mastered no known public relations discipline, including the sort of fundamental “know your audience” one, we’d be betting that there is going to be a mudslide off the summit right back into the President’s lap.  That is, of course, unless some as yet unidentified White House smart person gets it canceled on the basis that George W. Bush didn’t do one and everything the White House is in trouble on must be based on what George W. Bush did.  (Should Bush be prosecuted for getting an illegal third term by proxy?)

We further suspect that the primary reaction of the summit’s television audience (see Americans above), complete with a Frank Luntz focus group to prove it, will be, “Didn’t we tell you morons to focus on jobs and the economy, not producing an SNL skit?”

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