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September 16th, 2009 6:21 pm
Minnesota Governor Cuts Off State Funding to ACORN

Kudos to Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota.

CNSNews.com is reporting that Pawlenty sent a letter today to the director of the Minnesota Commission of Management and Budget with orders to stop all state funding to ACORN. 

The report reads, in part: 

“The letter cites recent reports of questionable behavior and potentially illegal activity by ACORN and states that they are of great concern to the governor and underscores the recent vote by the U.S. Senate to ban federal funding to ACORN, which also reflects those concerns,” Pawlenty spokesman Alex Carey told CNSNews.com.
In the letter, the governor directs Hanson to stop all state funding to ACORN, unless the state is legally obligated to continue funding. No precise dollar amount is available, Carey said.
“In addition, the letter directs” the commission “to conduct a thorough review of the state’s relationship with ACORN and to report back to the governor with his findings,” he said.

Read the full CNSNews.com report here.

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