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March 11th, 2010 at 11:08 am
First, They Come for Your Guns…Then Your Fishing Poles?
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While most Americans are distracted by the major statist initiatives of the Obama administration, there seem to be a school of more insidious ones swimming dangerously close to your bass bait.

Ever hear of “marine spatial planning?”  Well, we hadn’t either, until brought the concept to our attention.  It seems there is this thing called the “Ocean Policy Task Force.”  That esteemed body wants to “zone” fishing waters.  Fears that this will lead to fishing bans may be premature, but the anti-fishing activism of environmental groups, and their influence, coupled with a  shutdown of public input on the issue have recreational anglers groups on edge.

Here’s Chris Horton, national conservation director for BASS:  “With what’s being created, the same principles could apply inland as apply to the oceans.  Under the guise of ‘marine spatial planning’ entire watersheds could be shut down, even 2,000 miles up a river drainage from the ocean.  Every angler needs to be aware because if it’s not happening in your backyard today or tomorrow, it will be eventually.”

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