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September 7th, 2010 at 8:47 pm
The Problem with American Education? Not Enough Liberalism
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That’s the breathtaking conclusion of our liberal friends over at The Nation, a publication that answers the question “What would Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book have been like with ad space?”

According to a report by Chris Moody at the Daily Caller, The Nation is revamping its Educators Program, which provides curriculum materials for schools who think that the three Rs should be redistribution, relativism, and radicalism. According to the report:

“In this year of economic uncertainty and critical mid-term elections, the corporate-owned media will not be offering lessons about: our rigged political system; the conservative crusade against Muslims; the phony ‘panic’ over debt; vets abandoned by the VA; taxes and the Tea Party and much, much more,” read the magazine’s announcement for the new school year, which begins today for many students around the country.

Yes, that’s the problem. America’s educational institutions, run by the teachers’ unions that run the Democratic Party, have insufficiently inculcated liberalism in America’s tenderest minds. Remember that the next time you have to sit through your child’s “Thanksgiving is Just the White Man’s Word for Genocide” school production during holiday season.