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October 10th, 2011 at 3:12 pm
California Bans Carrying Even Unloaded Firearms, Grants Taxpayer Aid to Illegal Immigrants
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Things were already pretty bad in California, as it hurtles down the fast track toward junk bond status and a Greek-style financial collapse.  But instead of even tapping the brakes, its political leaders are flooring the accelerator.

On Saturday, Governor Moonbeam – pardon, Jerry Brown – signed into law taxpayer-funded financial aid to illegal immigrants.  Never mind that undocumented students can’t even legally work in the state, or that fewer financial aid dollars will now be available to legal residents.  No, what California’s political leaders think the state needs is another new government benefit.

Compounding that assault against California taxpayers, Gov. Brown today signed A.B. 144, which prohibits openly carrying firearms in public – even if they’re unloaded.  The bill also prohibits “allowing a person to bring an open and exposed unloaded handgun into the vehicle,” along with an array of other new restrictions.  While other states continue to allow greater Second Amendment freedoms and enjoy lower crime rates as a result, California opts for the European model (where firearms bans have led to higher crime).

After years of policy mistakes like these, it’s no wonder the formerly golden state failed to gain a new House seat for the first time since 1920.